Very good

Do you miss the days of brutal platforming that required pixel perfect performance?

Love is a tiny indie platformer. Literally tiny - the game window is only 13x130 pixels! Your task is to run and jump your way through 20 levels of awkward platforms. You start with 100 lives, and that might well not be enough.

The developer of this game is clearly a fan of old school platforming, as the gameplay is just as retro as the minimal graphics. Control is simple, with the arrow keys plus A for jump. Each level has a spawn point, so when you die - and you will - you don't have to repeat earlier levels.

This is a little reminiscent of 'N', the browser ninja platform game, but that was a much more modern game despite its retro style. Love looks and plays like the eighties. It is extremely well made, the sprite detection is perfect and dying is usually your own fault, although there are levels you can only learn through repeated death. It requires accurate and sometimes lightening quick movement to make progress.

The downside to this is it is very hard, and some players might find the endless dying frustrating, as most new games are much more forgiving. But for those with the patience and skill, this is a rewarding experience.

The tiny game window is certainly unusual, but isn't a problem. The game is accompanied by a great electronic soundtrack which completes the eighties feel of the game.

Love is a cool free miniature piece of retro fun.




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